Leadership Sheerline Perspectives

Top Tips for... Coping with conflict and ‘team killers’

11th August, 2017

A degree of conflict is inevitable in any team or organisation. As a leader or manager, handling conflict within your team is a key skill that can help to ensure your team continues to work effectively.  Here are our top tips for dealing with any ‘team killers’ you may come across and how to avoid them.

Is 'artificial harmony' holding back your team?

11th August, 2017

Going back to work after a break can be tough. It's enough to strike terror into even the most enthusiastic employee. In this month's blog we explore just how to handle going back to the normality of work after having a break.

Top Tips for...Preparing for a holiday

17th July, 2017

Whether you're going on a family holiday to a UK hideaway, or jetting off somewhere more exotic, these top tips are here to help you prepare your holiday handover.

How to 'Unstick' your Top Team

5th May, 2017

Last month we looked at the different ways organisations get stuck, just like people do.  In this article, we’ll think about how best to work with each type of “stuckness” by considering how coaches might best interface and work with each particular situation.  As they say, if your only tool is a hammer, then all problems look like nails! 

Top Tips - Goal setting

13th April, 2017

Do you have trouble setting and achieving your goals? These top tips will show you step-by-step how to get exactly what you want.

Top Tips - How to Encourage Your Team to Think Strategically

16th March, 2017

Most people think of strategic thinking as something only people in upper management or company leaders do. While it does start with leadership, strategic thinking is everyone’s job. It can be difficult to execute a strategic plan if the entire team is not on board. Read our latest top tips for encouraging your team to think strategically.

Top Tips - How to maintain mental health at work

9th February, 2017

Being mindful of your mental health and taking some proactive steps to look after yourself and others can prevent more serious issues in future. Here are our top tops for maintain your mental health at work...

How Valuing Your Health Will Make You a Better Leader

1st January, 2017

How can you give meaningful value to the activities that will be an investment in you and your top team?  Read on for some thoughts as to how you might approach it - give them a go and see what difference it makes.