Stellar Programme Sheerline Perspectives

Will you have the gumption to continue?

3rd June, 2017

Have you ever been caught in a gumption trap? I am going to guess that you have. A better question might be ‘how did you handle the gumption trap?’ 

Norms - The way we do things around here

14th May, 2015

Take a look at our latest blog where we look at why defining and developing the right Norms is a key part of your work, in building and maintaining a high performing leadership team.

When Should I Use a Team Coach?

10th July, 2014

I was speaking with some fellow executive coaches the other day. We were having the usual sort of chat that all professions have when they are shooting the breeze - our latest clients, the ones that were causing us headaches or making us laugh, the latest ideas and techniques, models that we had tried and so on.

How do you know if your Leadership Team really is high performing?

13th March, 2014

You know how it is at networking events? After the initial “hello, nice to meet you” there follows the inevitable question - “so, what do you do then?”. Depending on the occasion, I may answer that I am an Executive Coach or sometimes that I am a Leadership Coach. Either way, some people get it straightaway while I can see that others are wondering why senior people in organisations would need coaching on Leadership. Surely, they are thinking, people at that level wouldn’t need coaching?

England Cricket Team Need a Rocket

7th January, 2014

The pundits have been out in force recently, lamenting the pathetic performance of the England Cricket Team in the Ashes tour of Australia. There is no shortage of opinions on who or what to blame but what would you have done differently if you were in charge? The Rocket Model provides a terrific way to build and maintain a high performing team.

"I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want"

12th December, 2013

I've been thinking a lot recently about leadership styles. I work with many different types of leaders who are all, in their own way, struggling to develop their voice and style. And many of them find the hardest part is growing their unique style within the culture of their organisation.