Top Tips for helping teams who are stuck

15th May, 2017

Top Tips for helping teams who are stuck

Looking back on your personal career so far, you may see peaks and troughs, successes and failures. There are times when things seem to go particularly well and others where you feel completely uninspired and stuck in a rut.

The same feelings of apathy can apply to whole businesses and organisations with colleagues feeling like they are unable to move forward.

We often work with individuals and businesses who are stuck in a rut and our coaching process helps remove any barriers and inspires their employees to think more strategically.

Here are our top tips for helping teams who are stuck:

1. Remember why you love your job

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut at work it may be simply down to the fact you’ve lost sight about what you love about your job, the firm you work for or the industry as a whole. If you’re feeling despondent, why not take some time out to re-evaluate what you actually enjoy about your role and think carefully about how you can make some positive changes. You should include your manager or mentor in any discussions and they may be able to help you get back on track quicker.

2. Share your mission, vision and values

If you are lacking focus, then get back to basics by re-evaluating what your mission, vision and values are. Every organisation should have some strategic objectives which outline what you want to achieve. You may also have a mission to drive your enthusiasm and a set of values which encompass how you will behave while working towards your goals. This level of strategic thinking should ideally be developed in collaboration with your workforce so they feel a sense of ownership and pride in the company. Communicating your strategic objectives, mission, vision and values to your colleagues regularly will help your colleagues think about the bigger picture.

3. Think creatively

When our work lives get tough, we often have a ‘heads down and plough’ on mentality. But getting stuck into routines, processes and procedures can lead to a lack of creative thinking and leaves little room for things to be done innovatively. You need to give yourself the mental space and time to think more creatively about what you want to achieve. Why not start the day with a ‘to do’ list which not only prioritises your workload but looks at what you can do differently?

4. Make work fun

The words ‘work’ and ‘fun’ don’t always necessarily go hand in hand. But with the average full-time employee spending 37 or more hours at work every week, it’s important to enjoy what you do.

Making sure your job is something you look forward to, rather than simply being a necessity, is essential to our health, wellbeing and overall happiness. Happy people are productive people and are less likely to feel unambitious and uncreative.

5. Engage with your workforce

By having regular one-to-ones with your employees, you can figure out what their ambitions and ideas are as well as their concerns before any problems lead to wider discontent. It’s important to listen and engage with your colleagues and ask for their input into the strategic direction of the company because they’re more likely to feel passionate and invested in something they’ve had a part in shaping.

6. Develop a coaching culture

It’s amazing what people can achieve if they feel inspired and a valued member of a team. The best way to prevent your employees feeling stuck is to coach them to help them achieve their goals. Coaching is also one of the best ways to retain talented trainees and apprentices, rather than see them leave for opportunities elsewhere. You could set up a coaching team or a buddy system internally if you have senior, more experienced colleagues willing and able to pass on their skills or you could outsource the role to an independent company who could see things with a fresh, impartial pair of eyes.

7. Thank and reward your colleagues

Your workforce may feel disillusioned and stuck in a rut because they don’t feel valued and appreciated. Taking time to thank your colleagues is an easy way to boost morale and to show that their hard work is actually paying off. Every success story is worth sharing with your wider workforce, whether it’s about a new client win, a rise in profits, a new round of promotions or a successful recruitment drive. By celebrating your achievements and showing the impact employees at all levels can have will make them feel valued, proud and will help foster team spirit.

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