One to One Executive Coaching Management and Leadership Support For Career Development

  • Are you looking to go to the next level in your career and want to make sure that you have the tools and the confidence to really succeed?
  • Have you had a setback in your current role and are looking to get your career back on track?
  • Are you new in post and want to make sure that you do the very best as a leader?

Senior executive leadership coaching could be just the help that you need.  Working one to one with Steve Hinton or one of our senior associate coaches, you will receive high impact coaching support that is focused on you meeting your goals.

We use the Hogan Assessments as a start point with our coaching programmes and work closely with the client’s Sponsor (usually their boss) to identify a set of clear objectives. The programme is usually around six sessions, each of about two hours and the client has work to do between sessions. At the end there is a three way review between client, sponsor and coach to check the achievement of initial objectives and to explore ways to maintain the momentum.

The Hogan Leadership Forecast Series are highly validated and globally respected instruments and include a variety of scales which work together to create profiles revealing an individual’s:

  • Hoganday-to-day interaction style and typical approach to work (Bright Side)
  • behavioural risks that might surface during times of change or pressure (Dark Side)
  • motivational and career drivers which suggest an ideal cultural and organisational fit (Inside)
  • cognitive ability and effectiveness at problem solving on the job

Data from these assessments produce easy-to-read reports that contain recommendations for hiring and development.  We help clients interpret these important insights to make accurate decisions that deliver value to their business regarding the selection, deployment and growth of employees.

>>Check out our FAQs for more details on how our coaching programmes work.