Leadership Team Coaching Integrated Development Programme For Senior Leadership Teams

Leadership is about building and maintaining high performing teams.  Most problems in organisations arise from a poorly performing senior team.  Lack of collective leadership causes loss of direction, conflict, confused strategy and ultimately poor morale and below standard results.

Team coaching addresses these issues by working with the senior team as a whole and helping its members focus on their role in the collective leadership of the organisation.

Our Stellar Programme is an integrated development programme for senior leadership teams combining team coaching, individual coaching and underpinned by the Hogan Leadership Forecast series personality profiles. It is unique because it has

  • Objective assessment of individual and team strengths and weaknesses which provides a benchmark to measure progress and return on investment (ROI)
  • Built in processes to maintain the development process after the formal programme has finished 

Stellar Programme

"Leadership is concerned with building and maintaining high performing teams, while getting people to forgo individual goals in favour of group goals."

Robert Hogan

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