Our Team An introduction to the Hinton Sheerline Team

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Steve Hinton

Steve Hinton
Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of the company Steve has been an executive leadership coach for nearly 20 years. He adds value through a combination of business knowledge and an understanding of how to develop a successful leadership team. 

A great fan of the Hogan Lead assessments, he uses them to give a great foundation to coaching and development programmes.  He has a background in manufacturing and engineering and now works with multinational companies, mid-corporates and the NHS.

When not working, Steve is either out running or sailing or planning his next trip.

Claire White

Claire White
Business Support Partner

Making sure we're constantly moving forward, efficiently and effectively, Claire heads up the operations team behind the scenes and advises on marketing, development and promotional activity. 

An expert multi-tasker and implementer, she ensures that we maximise our opportunities and deliver a super high quality of service to clients.  

When not working, Claire loves the outdoors, exploring the countryside with her family and keeping fit.